Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Audio Recording and Editing

Audio Recording and Editing

We see lots of videos on Youtube and the internet in general that talk about a lot of information. Sometimes, in order to make their video more appealing, they add music in the background while they speak. How do they do this? By editing the audio they have recorded.

Adding music to audio is a simple task to do, if you have the right tools. Using programs such as the famous Apple product Garage Band, or programs like trakAxPC (which I used for this assignment), can make this pretty simple. I had a lot of fun recording myself and trying to make a good 2 minute long sound clip, and no matter how many times I recorded myself, I just didn't feel like I did a proper job. There was always something that I tried to fix in order to make it sound "better", but in the end, I just decided that maybe my voice isn't cut out to be on the radio.

That didn't stop me from having fun though. My report was on Star Wars, and the way that I portray the story. I tried giving the information based off of my own knowledge, and feel like I did a decent job at that, but when I heard myself give the speech, it sounded very....scripted. Sure, I did write a script, and did read off of it, but when they were reviewing other people's audio clips in class, they sounded a lot more natural than I did.

Hopefully when I do the second audio recording project, I'll be a bit more confident in myself, and should definitely add more enthusiasm in order not to cause whoever is listening to fall asleep.

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